Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Summer 2019

At last the summer has arrived. We trust your bees are enjoying the warmer weather. Through the membership e-mails there is syrup for sale at discounted rates, the apiary meetings continue at Avoncroft & the Jinney Ring and the extractor group is just starting to whir into motion as the honey is starting to be extracted.

 The season has been busy so far with swarms reported and caught. The swarm to the left had decided to settle into an underground hole so needed a good amount of encouragement to return to a new upturned swarm collector prior to being rehomed.
 The queen in the righthandside picture is from another swarm and is starting to lay well with the onset of more settled weather and the signs of a good honey flow. A valued NEWBKA member mentioned to me that as a result of increased colonies it is always a good idea to check how many stocks you are insured for and adjust your insurance as necessary - a good reminder.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Beekeeping equipment for sale

One of our Beekeepers, Peter Clarke is giving up keeping Bees due to ill health.

He is selling his Hives comprising Roofs, Brood, Super, Crown Boards, Floors and Stands.

There are also several Nuc Boxes in need of some attention.

Prices to reflect condition.

Anyone interested please contact Bob Pargeter on 07857264851

Monday, 26 November 2018

Jinney Ring apiary visit by the West Midlands branch of the Royal Society of Biology

We are pleased to be able to share with you some pictures kindly provided by Rob Greenaway the apiary manager of the Jinney Ring further to a recent visit by the West Midlands branch of the Royal Society of Biology.

The bees and new equipment are all looking very healthy...

Thursday, 22 November 2018

The Annual General Meeting announces your new committee. Honey Tophies are awarded & we celebrate our home grown Master Beekeeper.

The Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday 21st November and the new committee has been agreed comprising:

Chairman      Alan Woollhead
Treasurer       Bob Powell
Secretary       Ed Payne
Education      Chris Tomlin

and with the following committee members:

Dave Lantsbery
Tim Vivian
Rob Greenaway

Martyn Cracknell, the President of the Worcestershire Beekeeping Association presented Honey Show trophies to Alan Woollhead and Bob Powell for their award winning honey entries consisting of liquid and soft set honey and blocks of wax and mead and Alan Woollhead was congratulated and awarded his Master Beekeeping Certificate.

We believe Alan Woollhead is the first home grown Master Beekeeper from the North East Worcestershire branch of the Worcestershire Association so this is particularly special.

Thanks were given to Kate Chase in her role as Chair over the previous twelve months and to Ann Winspear for her sterling work as Secretary over the last four years.

Monday, 5 November 2018

NEWBKA Annual General Meeting to be held at Hanbury Village Hall, on Wednesday 21st November, from 7.30pm

Please come along to the NEWBKA AGM to be held at

Hanbury Village Hall
Hanbury Road
B60 4BY

on Wednesday 21st November from 7.30pm

Link to the location:

The Association is calling for nominations for the Chair position and Association Secretary along with at least two new committee members.

Please send your nominations through to: and

We look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Honey Show at Hagley Village Hall held on 8th September

The annual honey show was held at Hagley Village Hall on Saturday 8th September and many NEWBKA members took part. Well done to all who entered and won prizes. It is always a great round up of the year and a reminder at how amazing bees are with some incredible honey related products on display including dry and sweet mead, liquid and set honey, honey cake, beeswax candles and frames of honey and cakes of wax and cut comb. A particular well done to Bob Powell and Alan Woollhead for having overall highest number of points gained for a NEWBKA member and for winning the liquid honey section. Personally, I thought the 3rd placed set honey in our section was incredible! The second from bottom picture below was the overall winner of the show and consisted of a composite entry by Lyndon Corbett and was of a very impressive standard.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The difference between an Asian & European Hornet

Our local bee inspector kindly provided us with this block containing an Asian Hornet and the more familiar European Hornet. Can you tell which is which?

Yes the more familiar European Hornet has the browner body, without the yellow socks of the Asian Hornet which I'm sure you recognised as the top specimen. These examples have now faded, but the single yellow stripe near the top of the abdomen on the Asian Hornet is usually a distinctive feature and if any of us were to spot one, we should take a picture or capture it if possible, and report the sighting through to the government link above...