Successful overwintering of bees and meeting the Asian Hornet threat

Don't forget our talk on Friday, 24th November, at 7:30 pm, in the meeting room at Alvechurch Marina.

The speaker is Bob Poole who, as a Seasonal Bee Inspector, has recently been a member of the NBU team eradicating Asian Hornet colonies established on the south coast.  His talk will cover preparations for inevitable AH incursions and how to preparing colonies for Winter.

As colony losses last winter were higher than for many years and the incidence of Asian Hornets is increasing each year, you and your colonies could benefit greatly from his advice.

The importance of Hive Insulation

Recent research challenges the widespread belief that honeybees naturally insulate their colonies against cold.   It underlines the importance of helping the bees by adding insulation to their hives during winter.

Thinking about becoming a Beekeeper?

Our 2024 Novice Course will be held in February/March.  If you are thinking about becoming a Beekeeper and would like more information about how to start, drop an email to us at

Social Meeting on Monday

Our next Social Meeting is at 7:30pm on Monday 13th November - at the Bowling Green Inn, Shaw Lane, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove B60 4BH.   

Everyone is welcome - whether you are a member, or would just like to find out more about beekeeping.

Why are Bees important?

Olivia is a visitor to our website and has created a wonderful web page full of interesting links to information about honey bees.  Have a look !

Expose the corruption. Protect the hive

Who knew that being a Beekeeper could be so action-packed...... Jason Statham shows us how.  Wonder if he uses drones?

Bee Stings vs Wasp Stings

An interesting article in the British Medical Journal explores the differences: